Hi-Tech & Services


Possibility of high-speed videoconferences, on screen projection from the most widespread sources, a top quality audio hi-fi amplification plant in the space for events, microphones and scenario lighting system for every single environment and the air-conditioning installation can provide for a stable and optimal temperature inside the structure as well as for a constant air recycle.

These are the requisites and the technology that Spazio Chiossetto can offer to meet any need for functionality with professionalism and competence.

210 network points

Optical fibre internet connection 100MB

Free Wi-Fi

4 video projection

4 screens

4 portable PC

Lighted digital video projection boards

2 workstations

1 plasma screen


Every room is equipped with technologically advanced information, audio and video media. And it’s also thanks to the careful selection and contribution of qualified professionals and suppliers, that Spazio Chiossetto can assure high operational flexibility.


Screens for video projections

Video sources: VHS, DVD, VCD

Video projectors

Lighted video boards

Audio voice amplification plant

Audio hi-fi amplification plant

Fixed and mobile microphone system

Optic fibre Internet connection

Portable computers

Workstations and multifunctional systems

Lighted boards

Air-conditioning installation

Air-recycling installation

Scenario lighting installation

Tracks for wall suspension

Tracks for directional projectors

Access and services for differently able people


Secretary service – Catering and reception services – Interpreters and assistants – Room furnishing – Technical assistance.